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My name is Melody Farrow. I teach kindergarten -2nd grade physical education. This is my 34th year of teaching and my 15th year teaching at Elkhart Elementary. I love teaching in this community. My conference period is 10:35-11:10. Please feel free to contact me if needed.

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October-East Texas Food Bank

I am so grateful for the generous donations to the East Texas Food Bank during the month of September.  We are collecting cans of chicken for the month of October.  I really think the children at Elkhart Elementary are getting the idea that our purpose is to help other people. 
I'm also mailing off the boxtops at the end of this month.  If you have any that you are saving for your child please send them to school so we can include them with this mail off. 
Thank you!

Thank you!!!!

Thank you all so much for donating cans of tuna.  We were able to send over 160 cans of tuna to the East Texas Food Bank!  That's AWESOME!!!  I would really like to teach children at a young age that we are here to help one another.  Just maybe we can leave this world in a better place! 
In October we will be collecting cans of chicken.  So if your child comes home and says he/she wants to bring chicken to the gym....rest assured....it's for the Food Bank. 

I want to make it my goal this school year to teach our children the importance of giving back to the community we live in.  We now have a branch of the East Texas Food Bank in Elkhart.  It's housed at First Baptist Elkhart and distribution is on the first Thursday of each month.  Beginning in September clients will actually be able to "shop" for the food items they can use.  There are some items that are more expensive for our food bank to purchase so we are going to have monthly food drives at the elementary asking only for those items. 
For the month of September our food item will be canned tuna.  We will have a box in the gym where the students can bring their donation.  I'll remind students also, (probably weekly) what the monthly donation is. 
Thank you for helping to teach your child that "we are all here to help one another."