Elkhart Elementary School


Welcome to Elkhart Elementary! I'm so excited to be a part of this staff who makes my job easier, just by their commitment to children and their devotion to teaching.

Elkhart is a very special place to me, going to school here from Kindergarten through 12th grade, teaching 3rd and 4th grades here for 20 years, working as an assistant principal for 3 years, and presently, serving as the principal for 6 years.

I am married to Greg Herring, the principal at Elkhart Intermediate, and we have 2 grown children, (who also went to Elkhart schools for Kindergarten through 12th grades,) and now have 3 of our 6 grandchildren attending Elkhart schools.

Our goal here is to provide students a cooperative and family atmosphere where differences are celebrated and strengths are focused upon. That's why our school motto is "Elkhart Elementary is a GREAT place to learn!" And it is.........

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Peggy Adler- Attendance and Records, Tana Herring- Principal, Debbie Dancer- Secretary, and Susan Trim- Guidance Teacher