Parent Notices




                Elkhart ISD has a policy that requires us to follow integrated pest management (IPM) procedures to control pests on school grounds.  This district strives to use the safest effective methods to manage pests, including a variety of non-chemical control measures; however, pesticide use is sometimes necessary to maintain adequate pest control and assure a safe, pest-free school environment.

                All pesticides used in our district are registered for their intended use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Texas Department of Agriculture and are applied only by certified pesticide applicators.  Prior to indoor applications, signs will be posted 48 hours in advance of the treatment.  All outdoor applications will be posted at the time of treatment and signs will remain until it is safe to enter the area.

                Elkhart ISD has contracted with East Texas Pest Control Services to provide pest control services to our district.  Parent with further questions, or who wish to be notified directly about upcoming pesticide applications on their children’s campuses, can contact the District IPM Coordinator Jason Ives at (903)764-2952 or email [email protected], we request that you send us an email with your specific requests per §7.147 of the Texas Department of Agriculture’s School IPM rules.